Meet Mike Khardas A World Class Toronto Mixed Martial Arts Coach

Mike Khardas is the proud owner of Fight Den based in Woodbridge Vaughan

Toronto Custom T-shirts is proud to be working with Fight Den for their future t-shirt printing needs. Fight den has been expanding and are producing incredible amateur mixed martial arts talent. They want to give out free t-shirts to their customers and have asked us to take care of their t-shirt needs in the future.

Mike Khardas is a very passionate mixed martial arts coach. He takes pride in teaching his students proper self defense techniques. He has trained with many different UFC fighters from around the world such as Chuck Lidell, Randy Coutoure, Rich Franklin, Sgt Tom Sharkey, Heath Herring, and Kenny Florian. Mike Khardas has an extensive background in several different forms of martial arts, specializing in grappling, krav maga, and professional mixed martial arts competition. With this experience he is able to develop a program for his students that will equip them with the skills necessary for self defense.

The Fight Den T-shirt

This is the current design for the Fight Den t-shirt. This can also come in many different colors and designs. Toronto Custom T-shirts is able to print business logos on shirts, hats, sweaters, polo tees, pants, vests etc. This particular shirt was printed using DTG, which is direct to garment printing. Direct to garment printing is the process of using ink to print the design directly on the fabric. Unlike other forms of t-shirt printing it lasts longer, and the design won’t fade only after a few washes.