a custom t-shirt that was printed for a car wash company

Custom T-Shirt Uniforms For Small Businesses



Here at Mr. Shine car wash, we’ve always been a cohesive team and this is reflected in our work. However, we were missing a way to show our customers this from just a quick glance.

We decided to print our own custom t-shirts to use as our uniform, and the results were outstanding! Where as before, our employees would come to work in a dull t-shirt that they didn’t mind getting dirty, now they confidently do their jobs in our custom t-shirt uniforms!

Since we’ve adopted these new uniforms, there’s definitely been an increased sense of unity. Furthermore, our clients have noticed that our workers appear more professional, no longer having to wear a worn-out t-shirt from home.

We recommend custom printed uniform t-shirts to any small business that wants to increase their employee’s sense of unity, while also appearing more professional to their clients!